Do You Know Your SSI Score?

Ever heard of Your SSI score?

Do you know your SSI score on LinkedIn impacts your visibility, lead flow and reach. AND it’s totally in your ability to increase it and gain huge benefits for the cost of…well ZERO!

Today, I am going to show you how!

SSI is a score from LinkedIn based on how effectively you portray your professional brand, build relationships, find the right people, and engage with insights. This is known as your Social Selling Index, or SSI for short.

The SSI page reveals your score and the key elements of it. The image below is mine and what you will see when you go to the page.

You can check your own score here:

You’ll notice the SSI is a score from 0-100. Divided in 25 points for each of the following elements:

  • Establishing your professional brand
  • Finding the right people
  • Engaging with insights
  • Building relationships

I’ve stitched these together from my experiences and some sources I follow:

1. Establish your professional brand

  • Have a professional photo. This is literally the easiest thing you can do that will set you up for success. A professional or semi pro shot of JUST you in the photo will go a long way to having people click on you.
  • Complete ALL sections of your profile! At the top of your profile it will even alert you if you haven’t filled out your profile 100%. The biggest parts I encourage you to fill out are: Summary, Projects, Experience sections (which i prefer a client facing landing page approach), Honors & Awards, and Interests.
  • A person should be able to come to your profile and determine what you do, what you’ve accomplished, and a little bit about your personality based on your profile.
  • Add media to your profile – it can be video, images or documents.

2. Find the right people

  • Understanding of Boolean search can be very useful if you don’t have advanced search filtering, like that which is provided by Sales Navigator – which I highly recommend for anyone looking to put in a sustainable and predictable sales funnel on LinkedIn.
  • Sales Navigator will also allow you to build lead lists and saved search lists which work on auto-pilot in the background. A high time saver and having prospects found for you while you sleep is kinda cool!
  • For LinkedIn Premium users, utilize the different filters available in Advanced Search to easily access senior leaders & decision makers within an organization. Also take advantage of Saved Searches for trigger based selling, so you get weekly or daily updates on new prospects.

3. Engage with insights

  • Start engaging by through liking & commenting on content that your connections are sharing in your home feed on a daily basis – share your professional knowledge and prove you’re a subject matter expert.
  • If someone posts a comment on your update, respond to it. Tag that person in the comment as well. LinkedIn like the engagement and see it as you posting relevant and interesting content.
  • Participate in Groups. It’s a great way to show your expertise and authority. I could do more of this recommendation myself. LinkedIn rewards you for the participation.
  • Share your own company content and third-party content with your connections, through inmails, and within your industry-specific groups. Your buyers are searching for answers to their problems, so share key insights to get onto their radars.

4. Build strong relationships

  • Connect with multiple senior leaders and mobilizers within each account (company) you’re going after. Don’t limit your entry to a company through one stakeholder. LinkedIn also rewards you for going deep into an organization.
  • Nurture your connections by actively following their LinkedIn activity, engage the content they share, and make an effort to get value to them in the form of content 2 to 3 times a month.

So there are a number of tips you can do from today to increase that SSI. I see my clients increase theirs within weeks of implementing my blueprints – some even doubling their scores and even hitting the high 80’s and popping into 90’s.

How’s your SSI and are you doing both outreach and inbound activities?

You can check your own score here: